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The right decision prompted by nature itself

At present, all over the world, great attention is paid to the production of environmentally friendly agricultural products, the reduction of the use of pesticides in agriculture.

Russia is no exception in this regard. According to the «Russian Union of Organic Agriculture», each inhabitant of our country annually consumes up to 3 kilograms of chemicals with food on average. Up to 3 million people annually fall ill with diseases, to one degree or another, associated with the use of chemical plant protection products.

In 2018, Federal Law No. 280-FZ (latest edition) was adopted, which determines the development of organic farming in our country, which will undoubtedly help in solving the problem of reducing the use of pesticides in agriculture.
It is necessary to answer that in our country more and more farms are switching to organic farming. More and more fertilizer companies are offering products for organic farming. One of these companies is LLC Harvest XXI — a manufacturer of organic fertilizers. The company’s specialists have accumulated vast experience in the cultivation of various agricultural crops. Since 2005, the main activity and goal of the company is to reduce the use of pesticides, to offer alternative crop protection products to agricultural producers.

The company produces a wide range of 25 products for foliar processing of all cultivated plants. We offer complex compositions of macro and microelements for nutrition correction, prevention and protection of plants from diseases.

The most promising, in our opinion, preparations intended for environmentally friendly farming have been certified in the countries of the European Union. These are such preparations as Argentum Agro (with ionic silver) and Gumiks (organic fertilizer).
Argentum Agro is a new, high-tech plant growth biostimulator that has been tested in a German accredited laboratory. This product has received a European Safety Data Sheet and a European Declaration of Conformity. Gumix is an organic fertilizer for the treatment of all crops and seed dressing, like Argentum Agro, certified in the European Union.

Currently, Harvest XXI LLC supplies drugs to the Republic of Belarus, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Poland. The drugs are also at the registration stage in Serbia, Bulgaria, negotiations are underway to start registration in India, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Romania.
Our partners in Russia use these preparations on orchards, grapes, vegetable crops, the use of which in processing programs allowed, for example, in the OstrogozhskSadpitomnik CJSC, Voronezh Region, to obtain the following results:
• reduce the use of pesticides, provide them with a «softer» work, achieve 100% absence of scab, 100% protection against bacteriosis, clean leaf apparatus, growth of lateral branches up to 50 cm, and 1 leader — up to 100 cm;
• for cherries: from the beginning of flowering to harvesting, cherry shedding was not allowed, active vegetation of the leaf apparatus and with a 5 * 2 planting scheme on an area of 38 hectares, a yield on dry land of 188 c / ha was obtained, which provided an increase in comparison with the previous 1 years of 76 c / ha (67%);

• for strawberries: during the growing season after 5-7 days (16 treatments) 100% protection against diseases (atracnosis, fusarium, etc.) is provided, the size of the berries has increased, the commercial qualities and appearance have increased;
• according to the raspberry mother plant: dark green leaf apparatus, absence of diseases.

Within the framework of this article, it will not be possible to deeply illuminate the effect of silver ions on pathogenic organisms, but suffice it to say that silver ions block their vital activity. The plant does not spend energy on fighting the disease, thereby increasing its immunity, and energy is spent on positive growth and development.

Dear colleagues, relying on the accumulated scientific and practical experience, analyzing the application and the results obtained in the farms of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries, we can say that modern drugs produced by our enterprise are one of the essential factors of success, increasing yields, maintaining purity soil and ecology.

All employees of the company Harvest XXI will continue to popularize environmentally friendly farming, research and production department — to test, search, find new ways to significantly reduce the use of pesticides

Source APK News №37 2021

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