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How to solve the problem with power and protection in the No till system?

Fertilizers in a chelated form and silver ions will help

Farms that have chosen noutil as their farming technology inevitably face difficulties in organizing nutrition and plant protection.
With zero tillage, fertilizers can be applied either with a liquidizer, or with a sprayer, working on a leaf. The second option requires the plant to absorb the nutrients as best as possible.

The Harvest XXI company offers farmers liquid fertilizer stimulating compositions — ZhUSS preparations, in which micro, meso and macroelements are presented in a chelated form. Thanks to chelates, the efficiency of the formulations is very high: plants assimilate ZHUSS by 91 -95%, which gives excellent results in increasing yields.

When there is a lot of plant residues in the field, as the heads of farms and agronomists have already noted, there is a lack of nitrogen: cellulose-destroying bacteria use it in large quantities.

We recommend that notil supporters apply a program that will turn crop residues into plant nutrition — a complex application of ZhUSS BM and ZhUSS Gumiks on the leaf and on the seeds. ZHUSS BM is a concentrated composition of agronomically beneficial microorganisms that promotes humus formation, inhibits the growth of phytopathogens due to antagonistic microbes, and also accelerates the decomposition of crop residues.

ZhUSS Gumiks is a universal humic fertilizer, in which macro- and microelements are presented in a chelated form. This preparation is suitable for feeding all crops; it contains a concentrate of organic matter and 13 elements necessary for plants (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, silicon, iron, magnesium, molybdenum, manganese, zinc, boron, sodium, selenium). The composition of ZhUSS Gumiks includes folic and butyric acids, as well as symbiotes of fungi and bacteria, which in the process of vital activity release cytokines, gibberellins, auxins-hormones that stimulate root growth and the development of generative organs.

Active nutrition of plants with macronutrients will provide ZHUSS Macro. This mineral fertilizer contains a completely assimilable substance (more than 40%), has proven itself in extreme weather conditions and increases the efficiency of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium use at times. The preparation contains nitrogen (50 g / l), phosphorus (150 g / l) and potassium (150 g / l) and can be used both for seed treatment and for foliar application.

Following the principle of minimum soil impact, many agronomists are striving to reduce pesticide load. In this case, it is advisable to work to strengthen the immunity of plants. The company Harvest XXI has patented phosphite micronutrient fertilizer, which is able to prevent damage to plants by pathogenic microorganisms.

ZHUSS Complex Kaliyphos contains, as the name implies, phosphorus and potassium at a dose of 250 g / l each. Feeding cereal crops with these macronutrients leads to an effect at the cellular level: the straw cell walls thicken and become less vulnerable to fungi. The drugs ZHUSS Argentum Agro and ZHUSS Argentum Duo have become a real breakthrough in plant protection.

These are concentrated solutions of ionic silver that suppress diseases such as Alternaria, brown spot, bacteriosis, mildew, oidium, black spot, scab, moniliosis, clusterosporium, rust species, powdery mildew, pathogens of fusarium, wilting and rot, cladosporia, cladosporia. The principle of action of the drug is that silver ions penetrate into the cell of the causative agent of the disease and block its growth. Silver ions paralyze the respiratory process of microorganisms, which leads to their death. The action of the drug begins from the moment of treatment, the effect occurs within a day.

ZHUSS Argentum Agro and ZHUSS Argentum Duo are not addictive and can be used in extreme weather conditions — even at extremely high and low temperatures. The use of silver ions makes it possible to completely eliminate the use of chemical fungicides. At a concentration of 0.02%, Juss Argentum Agro cleans out almost all microflora — and in this case, in order to prevent colonization with new pathogens, it is necessary to apply
preparations with agronomically beneficial bacteria and fungi.

The quality of our products is confirmed by appropriate diplomas and certificates, we have opened 15 representative offices in the regions of Russia and the Republic of Belarus. Our fertilizers are certified in the EU countries and have been laboratory tested in Germany. The registration of drugs in Armenia is coming to an end, and it starts in Serbia and Bulgaria. We recently started shipping fertilizers to Georgia.
The company Harvest XXI will be glad to cooperate with both the adherents of laptop and those who follow the classical technology.

Source Business Peasant №7 2021

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