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golden niva 2022

UROZHAYXXI specialists, who participated in the Zolotaya Niva exhibition, highly appreciated the event. Summing up the results of the exhibition is still ahead, but the preliminary assessment is «excellent». As we expected, our products aroused high interest among visitors.

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The company’s booth was crowded during all the days of the exhibition. Agronomists, heads of agricultural enterprises, were keenly interested in the products, the company’s employees gave exhaustive answers to all questions, exchanged contacts. Our guests were especially interested in preparations of the ARGENTUM series (with ionic silver). This is understandable, the drugs have been tested in practice, they give excellent results in practice.

We thank everyone for their attention to our organomineral fertilizers (trademark JUSS), we hope for mutually beneficial cooperation, the URROZHAYXXI company is always open and glad to new business partners.

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