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ZHUSS Aqua complex

ZHUSS Aqua complex

Strong wetting agent

ZHUSS Aqua consists of a complex of surfactants, the action of which is aimed at reducing the surface tension of water, namely, a working solution of pesticides and fertilizers.

When using ZhUSS Aqua, working solutions of pesticides acquire excessive fluidity and, as a result, can easily penetrate into the ear, leaf axils, and pubescent plant surfaces. Almost complete plant coverage occurs, with no gaps between drops of working solution.

A strong reduction in the surface tension of the working solution ensures rapid penetration of the components through the leaf cuticle.

A distinctive feature of ZhUSS Aqua, in comparison with analogues, is that there are no restrictions on the use with certain chemical pesticides, since the active substance of the drug is of natural organic origin. This property of the drug also applies to biological fungicides.

Properties and description of ZHUSS AQUA

Strong wetting agent, adhesive (surfactant)

Object being processed
Application rate
Seeds of cultivated plants
0.1 - 0.2 l / t. seeds. The rate of consumption of the river liquid. 10-15 l / t
Foliar processing of cultivated plants
0.1 - 0.2 l / ha. The rate of consumption of the river liquid. 50-300 l / ha

Plants are treated together with pesticides in a tank mixture

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