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plant protection products ZHUSS

fertilizers for professionals

Plant protection products and organo-mineral fertilizers of the ZHUSS trademark have an original, unparalleled formulation. Professionals with extensive experience in the development of plant protection products are working on their creation.

The drugs have proven their worth in various climatic zones of Russia, they work perfectly in harsh weather conditions.

ZHUSS Protect plants, strengthen immunity, significantly increase the yield of agricultural crops


For seed treatment and dressing

ZHUSS Warm Vegetable Garden

Suitable for greenhouses and similar areas


Organic water soluble fertilizer

ZHUSS Complex

A universal product of macro micro elements in a chelated form


Active nutrition

ZHUSS Active Silicon

Organic Silicon Liquid Concentrate

ZHUSS Complex Kaliyfos

Phosphite form. Disease protection

ZHUSS Complex Bor

For the prevention of boron deficiency and plant nutrition

ZHUSS Complex Calcium

Designed to correct plant nutrition

ZHUSS Complex Iron

Prevention and treatment of chlorosis + macronutrients

ZHUSS Complex Potassium

Ideal source of potassium for foliar feeding

ZHUSS Complex Magnesium

Biologically active magnesium fertilizer
for all cultures

ZHUSS Complex Copper

Copper monochelate in biologically active form

ZHUSS Complex Molybdenum

High-tech drug

ZHUSS Complex Zinc

Для подкормки культурных растений
чувствительных к дефициту цинка


Strong wetting agent

ZHUSS Argentum Agro

Concentrated ionic silver solution 200 mg / l

ZHUSS Argentum Agro Duo

Plant protection against diseases