Россия, Батайск, Восточное Шоссе 14

All-Russian Exhibition "No-till Expo 2021"

All-Russian exhibition “No-till Expo 2021” using direct seeding technology. At the conference from the company UROZHAYXXI, the scientific consultant of the company, Ph.D., Varich Andrey Arkadievich, made a presentation. In his speech, the speaker focused the attention of the audience on the use of organic fertilizers ZHUSS in the cultivation of crops using this technology. During the event, the company’s specialists communicated with the agricultural. manufacturers from all over Russia. UROZHAYXXI Company expresses its deep gratitude to the organizers of the event and “ID PEASANT” for the opportunity provided by our specialists to participate in this project. We are confident that those business ties that have taken place will lead to cooperation with the agricultural sector. manufacturers who have shown interest in our fertilizers

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    Maria Olegovna Obrucheva
    Sales Manager