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How it works

Advantages of ZHUSS fertilizers


What are chelated fertilizers?

Chelate (from the Greek chele “claw”) is a complex organic complex, a chemical combination of a trace element with a chelating (capturing) agent. It keeps the ions of the trace element in a stable state until they enter the plant, and then releases them.

Chelated fertilizers do not react with the soil, but “stick” until the plants absorb them, and only then are they available for reaction.



The main advantage of chelated fertilizers over carbonates, sulfates and inorganic salts is that the plant perceives them as organic matter. This means that metal ions penetrate the cell membrane faster. The plant does not spend energy searching for and absorbing the necessary microelements, faster coping with chlorosis and other manifestations of a lack of certain substances in the soil.

The number of treatments is from 1 to 8, depending on the program.

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The principle of operation of ZHUSS fertilizers

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The principle of operation is based on the law of osmosis. Osmosis (from the Greek. “Push, pressure”) – the process of diffusion of a solvent from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated solution. Particles of the solution in contact with the membrane press on it and create the so-called “osmotic pressure”. The side with more solute particles also has a higher osmotic pressure, so movement occurs from areas with high pressure to areas with reduced pressure.

Chemical composition of ZHUSS

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