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harvest xxi

manufacturer of organo mineral fertilizer

The Russian producer of organic mineral fertilizers “Harvest XXI” welcomes you!

We have been working in the Russian agricultural market since 2005. and we produce complex compositions of macro-microelements for foliar processing (nutrition correction) of all cultivated plants.

The company’s product line consists of 25 drugs which include 21 main components, as reflected in the company name (XXI): 1. Nitrogen (N) 2. Phosphorus (P2O5) 3. Potassium (K2O) 4. Sulphur (S) 5. Bor (B) 6. Zinc (Zn) 7. Copper (Cu) 8. Magnesium (Mg) 9. Molybdenum (Mo) 10. Iron (Fe) 11. Cobalt (Co) 12. Silicon (Si) 13. Silver (Ag) 14. Water (H2O) 15. Calcium (Ca) 16. Hydrogen (H) 17. Carbon (C) 18. Manganese (Mn) 19. B vitamins 20. Lysine 21. Amino acids. These are fertilizers necessary for plant nutrition, providing agricultural crops with macro microelements for the full development and growth of the crop.

The goal of our company is to achieve higher yields without harming the environment, soil and ecology as a whole

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100 best goods of Russia

Dear colleagues, we are glad to inform you that ZHUSS brand products passed the competition with a large margin and were included in the 100 best goods in Russia!


dealership in uzbekystan


Participation in the exhibition "Golden Niva"


Harvest XXI company with our Polish partners DOMINIAK took part in the Krasnodar exhibition “YUG AGRO”, which was held from 23 to 26 November.

proizvodstvennaya linejka zhuss


Liquid Fertilizer Stimulating Composition

These fertilizers for plant growth are complex compositions of micro and macroelements in chelated form, biological stamps of microorganisms, organic acids, phytohormones, the ratio of which is selected taking into account the most justified agronomic and economic efficiency.

Zhuss Gumix

Currently, ZHUSS Gumix (organic fertilizer) is the fruit of the works of Russian scientists, our European partners, supplemented and adapted to modern requirements of the fertilizer composition.

Zhuss Argentum Agro

Plant growth biostimulant is a concentrated solution of ionic silver. Possesses the most powerful prolonged antiseptic effect. The drug has no analogues in the domestic market.

Progressive approach avant-garde technology

For Russian and European colleagues of agricultural producers, we are pleased to present preparations Argentum Agro (growth biostimulator) based on silver ions and Gumix (organic fertilizer)

Applying Argentum Agro and Gumix, you are guaranteed to get a high profit, high-quality, environmentally friendly harvest.

Zhuss main advantages


Yield increase up to 7-12% (for some crops up to 30%)


Fertilizers are assimilated by plants by 91-95%


Increase overwintering of winter crops up to 25%


Used outdoors and indoors ground

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All drugs have passed the necessary requirements in the relevant ministries and departments of Russia and the Republic of Belarus.

Argentum Agro and Gumix underwent laboratory tests in Germany and received a European safety data sheet

Andrey Z.
Proletarsky district, Rostov region

In the last dry year, we were faced with the dire condition of winter wheat, winter barley, and then spring barley and winter peas. Applying 2-3 treatments of ZHUSS “Gumix” and “Argentum Agro” (jointly), “Macro” and “Complex”, we pulled the crop out of a deplorable state (we collected about 37 centners per hectare). Thanks to all the workers of “Harvest XXI”. We will continue to treat them with drugs.

Georgy J.
Egorlyk district, Rostov region

Last year, they abandoned fungicides, used only ZHUSS (Gumix, Argentum Agro, Makro) from Harvest XXI, and collected 40 centners each. from 1 hectare. The result was very surprised and pleased! We will definitely continue to work!

Alexander B.

In 2020, we decided to work with the Harvest XXI company. They started with the use of organo mineral fertilizers, and later they began to take all the disinfectants, herbicides, and desiccants. The manager Tatiana will always advise and give recommendations depending on the crop grown. The drugs are delivered on time, on time, the prices are good, the quality is excellent! We look forward to further cooperation

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